About AFS CRC Filters


AFS filters are the first and only disposable color remediation filter cartridges for the botanical extraction industry. Our Patent Pending design allows for an easy to use solution implemented into existing extraction systems; and is now available as a standard integration from many equipment manufacturers.

AFS Filters are a simple solution that allows for the use of prepackaged filters, which are available in different recipes depending on the application. With the integrated 2.5µm paper filter molded and sealed into the cup there is no media leak through. Pre-packed means there's no need to be an expert in remediation filter media and how to construct filters; as well as eliminates the messy process of building/packing filters yourself. Disposable offers no need for cleaning the filter housings afterwards and trying to un-clog stainless filter screens. Less R&D investment, less mess, and less down time allows for higher throughput and more profit.

The AFS design was built around the idea of making CRC filtration more readily available to the masses on an easy to use product. AFS has been working on a solution for implementation specifically tailored to the botanical extraction industry for over a year. Through trials and testing we were finally able to achieve a simple elegant solution for a filter cup which ensured ease of use as well as 100% seal of the filter media, and can be implemented quite easily into most existing extraction systems. Once the delivery method was introduced AFS paired with expert extraction artists who have been practicing CRC filtration for over 5 years to develop different recipes, readily available for everyone to use. These recipes are proven methods the extraction artists themselves use in everyday extraction. AFS has developed the delivery method, and working with industry experts we are able to develop the end solution. We are constantly looking for expert partners in the industry to pair with for future recipes. Only by working together can we achieve greatness for the entire industry.