What is color remediation?

Color remediation is a form of column or flash chromatography whereby botanical extraction is filtered through a granulated media. This filtration process can eliminate many of the unwanted compounds from the extraction solution including chlorophyll, lipids, tannins, oxides, and even pesticides. This leaves a cleaner more pure extract as the finished product.

What solvents does this work with?

Traditionally this works best with hydrocarbon extraction, however it has been proven to work with Ethanol and Hexane as well.

How many times can I use the filter?

We often compare these filters to K-cups of the coffee industry. You could use it more than once, but each subsequent cycle will have diminishing returns.

What are the housings made from?

The housings are made from Polypropylene which is compatible with Acetone, Butane, Ethanol, Isopropyl, and Propane. Polypropylene is non-staining, non-toxic, and fully recyclable.

What media is used in the filters?

AFS offers a variety of different recipes for different filtration needs. Each recipe consists of a proprietary blend of proven filter media, specifically designed for the extraction industry. 

AFS does not actually own any recipes.  These are all developed and licensed under strict NDA terms from expert extraction artists in the community; thereby giving back to the community.  If you currently practice CRC filtration and have a unique blend that you would like to advance into the market we would love to hear from you!

Where does the filter media come from?


We are proud to say that all of our filter media is sourced from manufactures in the USA and Germany.  We do this to ensure only a quality, consistent product.  Other medias sourced from China often vary significantly from batch to batch.


Made in USA


Can you make customer recipes for me?

Although we do not make custom filters on an individual basis, we are looking for partners in the industry. We can offer licensing for you to make your own filter product line with your own unique blends and brand; or we offer black label/royalties if you would like us to produce your unique recipe for you.

Do you sell just the filter housings by themselves?

Absolutely! We encourage experienced customers to further R&D in the industry to try to develop their own unique blends. Unique recipes have the ability of unlocking entire un-discovered brands which could be available to the industry.

How will this affect the finished product and will I lose yield?

The media used the in the filter cartridges specifically targets the unwanted components of the extraction while allowing the desirables to pass through. Inevitably there will be minimal loss of the desirables such as terpenes, however the overall output will consist of a higher concentration of desirables, thereby making the extraction more potent even with very slight losses.

What do I need to run AFS Filters?

AFS filters are designed to go internally into many extraction systems being offered from the OEMs. Alternatively, AFS has developed an external filter housing assembly that goes inline with any 1.5” tri-clamp system. In addition to this, Nitrogen assist is highly recommended to facilitate the movement of the extraction through the filter. Recommended operating pressure for the Nitrogen is 60psi.

What is the maximum pressure these cups can handle?

Since the cups are designed to go into a stainless steel housing, the housing itself is what affects the pressure rating. The housings limit the expansion ability of the filter itself. The filter paper in the system has been tested (violently) to 120psi without issues; double the recommended nitrogen assist pressure.

How does this fit into the extraction system?

These initial filters were designed with a 2.5" filter to fit inside of existing 6" columns. Many OEMs now offer full integration from the factory for use with these filters. Additionally we offer an external housing with 1.5" tri-clamp connections at each end to adapt easily into many extraction systems.

Do you offer wholesale discounts?

Yes, in addition to our online volume pricing we do have a wholesale/distributor program.  Please visit our Wholesale Page for more information.