CRC Botanical Extraction Filter Packs

AFS botanical extraction filter packs are the only disposable color remediation column filters on the market. Our packs of filters come in a variety of sizes saving you time and money.

These simple and easy-to-use filters are ideal for use in existing extraction systems. Different recipes are available allowing users to dictate the outcome they wish to achieve.

Our CRC filters can remediate color, heavy metals, and pesticides. This helps to ensure the material will pass jurisdictional limits with ease.

Our pre-packed CRC botanical extraction filters eliminate the hassles and headaches of building and packing filtration systems yourself. In addition, each filter is disposable. No longer will you have to clean the housing or unclog filter screens. AFS CRC botanical extraction filters can help save you time and money all while providing you with the best particulate removal product around! 

Contact us today and let our team of experts help you decide which filters meet your needs. AFS Filters has set the standard for excellence in the filtration industry. We guarantee you will be happy with our service and impressed with our equipment!


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